Adam DeVine lives, loves, repeats Alexandra Daddario in Netflix’s ‘When We First Met’ trailer

Groundhog Day by way of Fifty First Dates, When We First Met takes the bitterly friend-zoned “nice guy” archetype to revolting, supernatural new lows. Arriving on Netflix next month, the high-concept rom-com sees Noah (Adam DeVine) heartbroken over the newly-engaged Avery (Alexandra Daddario), who rebuffed his sexual advances when they met at a costume party three years prior. And unfortunately for her, Noah’s creepy, already frightening obsession is about to get fantastically more horrific.

Revisiting to the locales of their first and only not-even-a-date, our thoroughly unlikable protagonist enters some kind of magical, misogynist photo booth that doesn’t believe in letting women make informed decisions about consent. It sends Noah back to the night of his first meeting with Avery—and it keeps sending him back as many times as he wants, allowing Noah to continually tweak his behavior in the hope of finally manipulating his victim into loving him.

Will this delusional maniac finally work out the perfect con job? Will he learn that, in the end, being true to himself is the only way to truly earn love? Or will someone just tell this dude that she’s not attracted to him, so accept that and do absolutely any of the productive, mind-blowing things anyone with a healthy brain would do when transported back to 2014. Like, at least mine some Bitcoin or something.

We’ll find out when When We First Met arrives February 9.

  • adam3w

    A movie that asks, “what if we took the creepiest plot thread in Groundhog Day and turned it into a rom-com à la Butterfly Effect?” Of course, Groundhog Day was basically the antithesis of this: after the stalkery manipulation didn’t work, Bill Murray was forced to give up on getting the girl and just set about trying to become a genuinely better person, which ultimately made him more attractive to Andie MacDowell.

    So the question is: does Adam DeVine learn a valuable lesson about himself and live happily ever after? Or does each iteration become increasingly nightmarish until he destroys his entire past and we never get Workaholics?

  • So the tagline is essentially, “The only thing that separates a creep who can’t take no for an answer, and her knight in shining armor is a few more tries!”

    If only I could tell 2014 me to sell my pog collection and reinvest in fidget spinners…