Adam McKay is about to create the asteroid impact satire genre

Get ready to live the ’97-’98 season of mainstream ensemble pictures again, because Adam McKay is apparently making the Wag the Dog of Armageddon/Deep Impact.

Speaking to Deadline, the Vice director said he hopes his next film will be Don’t Look Up, a “dark satire in the school of Wag the Dog, Doctor Strangelove, and Network.” Describing the plot, he added, “Two mid-level astronomers discover a meteorite will destroy earth in six months and must go on a media tour to warn mankind.”

Ignoring that if it’s meant to be world-destroying, it should probably be an asteroid more than a meteoroid, it’s an interesting idea—and one clearly just as timely as McKay’s other recent efforts. As we’ve recently grown to learn, it turns out it’s way harder than you’d think for scientists to effectively warn the population that Earth is going to burn up unless we fucking do something.

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