Adam Sandler does Agatha Christ-it’s-shitty in Netflix’s Murder Mystery trailer

A Happy Madison Productions comedy by way of Agatha Christie, Murder Mystery is… it’s that. It’s just that. God, is it that.

Written by James Vanderbilt, his latest of several attempts to scrap off all the legitimacy he earned from Zodiac, the film sees Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston as an unlikely married couple whose European vacation turns into an archetype of a whodunit.

It’s Sandler and Aniston’s first team-up since their abysmal Just Go with It, and it mirrors that film’s astounding claim that a pedestrian Sandler can do better than her with that younger woman in a swimsuit. Sandler’s a cop here, and Aniston his mystery novel-obsessed wife; the two become the prime suspects of murder in a game of Clue that includes some beautiful up-and-comers-who-never-quite-happened, Luke Evans and Gemma Arterton. They also come late to the exact same right-side-steering joke(?) we saw last week in Men in Black: International.

Murder Mystery hits Netflix June 14. And if it turns out this is somehow The Game, where Sandler inexplicably set this up as a dangerously insane present to his wife, I am going to need a new screen for how much I spit at it.

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