Never mind, Alec Baldwin will NOT play Batman’s dad in Joker

UPDATE: This morning, Baldwin disputed the rumor he’d be playing Thomas Wayne as a sort of Trump figure, saying, “Let me state, for the record, that I have NOT been hired to play a role in Todd Phillips’ JOKER as some Donald Trump manque. That is not happening. Not. Happening.” That’s now a certainty, as Baldwin has already since told USA Today he’s dropped out of the film entirely due to supposed “scheduling” issues, adding, “I’m sure there are 25 guys who can play that part.” If you are one of the two dozen other older men capable of getting shot to create a Batman, please contact Warner Bros.

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After nearly playing Batman in both the 1989 film and that one episode of 30 Rock, Alec Baldwin is, at 60, edging even closer to the role. He’s reportedly signed on to play Bruce Wayne’s ill-fated father Thomas in Joker, director Todd Phillips’s standalone film about the clown-face bad man. Joaquin Phoenix is already signed on to the title role, and Robert De Niro is playing an ’80s talk show host partially responsible for creating the Joker. Similarly, Baldwin too may be channeling an ’80s relic responsible for wretched, cartoonish villainy: it’s said he’ll be channeling his Trump impression to play Wayne “as a cheesy and tanned businessman.”

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