Annabelle comes home in the Annabelle Comes Home trailer

The most resilient motherfucker of a doll outside of Chucky is back again for her latest outing, Annabelle Comes Home. The third in the Annabelle series—and eighth chapter of the so-called Conjouring Universe—sees paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, still doing these things) taking the titular doll on a little ride before locking her in a display case. Don’t worry—they blessed it after!

Soon after, the Warrens head off for a little date night and leave their daughter with a teenage babysitter, who invites her friend over. Against their charge’s wishes, the teens break into the Warren vault of creepy shit and, of course, somehow end up letting the porcelain monster out. Then Annabelle invites her friends over too; as you can imagine, it’s a whole shit-show.

This Goosebumps for big kids hits theaters June 26.

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