Another totally extreme Rob Liefeld comic is headed to the screen

With two Deadpools out the door, an X-Force on the way, and Netflix constructing an entire film universe from the painfully crude anatomy of the Extreme Studios comics, we would seem to be at a saturation point when it comes to Rob Liefeld-designed superheroes. But as Liefeld has shown us with pouches, there’s always room for more, so yet another of his creations is going to be strapped to the thigh of filmgoers.

Studio 8 has reportedly just picked up the screen rights to Prophet, one of somehow more than one Liefeld character with moronic hair, giant blades, and some kind of inexplicable sparring helmet thing. Also like many a Liefeld creation, he’s a pretty clearly inspired by a more famous superhero. Familiarly, John Prophet is a World War II-era man who was given a super-serum before being cryogenically awakened in the future.

While Prophet began his grimacing in the pages of Youngblood, he eventually got his own short-lived series in the mid-’90s. It was picked back up at issue 21 in 2012, but then as something radically different that drew influences from strange sci-fi and fantasy tales—and with art as striking as iconic French and Belgian artists like Moebius. Naturally, such a compelling take on the material is not what producers are interested in. Liefeld told Heat Vision the studio is planning on starting with the ’90s run, right at the beginning. Can’t wait to find out where he picked up his cushiony face frame!

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