Behold the Horrors of Self-Developing Film with the ‘Polaroid’ Trailer

From The Weinstein Company, here’s the first trailer for Polaroid, a horror film that somehow doesn’t even use the tagline “you’ll be shaking like a Polaroid picture.”

Roughly, the film adapts the conceit of GoosebumpsSay Cheese and Die into a generic-looking modern horror. It centers on a Polaroid camera that’s haunted by an evil spirit, and this ghoul absolutely hates these hipster kids and their throwback photography. Anyone in the camera’s photos mysteriously dies, and trying to destroy the pictures inflicts pain upon the subjects. Also, have you bought film for a Polaroid? It’s, like, pretty hard to find now, and even when you do, it’s pricey as hell. These cursed, indestructible portraits of death are probably costing these teens a few bucks a pop. Truly, this is a camera of the damned.

This nightmare of instant photos hits theaters August 25.

  • adam3w

    I think if you name your town Locust Harbor it’s only fair to expect some haunted hipster artifacts.

    Mitch Pileggi is still doing stuff, huh? Neat.

  • Jeremy Tilton

    I didn’t think Polaroids were en vogue with even Hipsters anymore.

    • The Weinstein Company isn’t exactly on trend with this, no.

    • HalSolo

      The sequel will just be a haunted Instagram filter. Logical expansion of this concept.

      • Jeremy Tilton

        “…but….I swear…I didn’t make a duck face that time…!”

  • jaime_arg

    Outkast said it best: “Shake it, shake it, shake it like your head when you watched this trailer”

  • Brian Shinn

    When’s the Speak-N-Spell horror flick coming out?