Behold: Topher Grace’s trailer for the entirety of Star Wars

Whether he’s playing the white turd up against the black guy in BlacKkKlansmen or the black turd up against the white guy in Spider-Man 3, Topher Grace has long found escape from his role as always being the turd, even if he’s meant to be the protagonist, through fan film editing.

Back around this time 2012, the adult cursed with the name “Topher” revealed as much with an abbreviated, homemade cut of Star Wars – Episodes I-III he screened for a select group of industry friends. Said to last under 90 minutes yet encapsulate the entire strained arc of the kid with the bowl-cut becoming Darth Vader, the new cut has yet gone unseen by a general public desperate for a middle-ground between prequel memes and actually watching the prequel trilogy in full.

But while Grace has apparently since managed a similar editing feat with the similarly drawn-out Hobbit trilogy, he still has a Yoda on his back begging him to keep doing this Star Wars stuff, for some reason.

His latest effort? Star Wars: Always, a sort of retrospective trailer, uniting the entirety of the saga—Solo, Rogue One, and all—into a single, five-minute look back at the franchise’s heroes, themes, and often painfully on-the-nose callbacks.

Grace has yet to edit himself or any of the other useless parts out of the Spider-Man or Predator series.

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