‘Blade Runner’ goes ‘Cowboy Bebop’ in new prequel short

The third and final Blade Runner 2049 prequel short (prior two here and here) is directed by Cowboy Bebop legend Shinichirō Watanabe—and it shows. This one takes the form of an almost 15-minute anime that sees a pair of terrorist replicants staging a massive blackout. Set in 2022, its events set the stage for what’s to come in the new sequel. It also answers: “What would Edward James Olmos looks like as an anime character?” And here I always thought we’d get that with Miyazaki’s Stand and Deliver 2.

(If the above video goes down, you can instead see it at its original posting on Crunchyroll.)

  • HalSolo

    I’m so happy with this. After years of anime basically doing Blade Runner, but not Blade Runner, I feel culturally we’ve come full circle and just gotten a god-damned Blade Runner anime.
    That girl going limp like a doll just to then acrobatically fall out of a flying car and land atop a speeding vehicle is the sum total of at least two decades’ worth of visuals.
    After two lackluster shorts that felt like they were shot in-between takes on set, this bodes well for 2049…

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