Bob Saget’s three-decade “no homo”-of-wholesomeness campaign leads to a dirty America’s Funniest Home Videos

Full House star Bob Saget has found his latest way to tell an apathetic public that he’s definitely not Danny Tanner—whether anyone cares or not. The insistently foul-mouthed comedian has reportedly signed on to host Videos After Dark, a “decidedly more adult-oriented” follow-up to the Saget-hosted ’90s favorite America’s Funniest Home Videos. The series will air in ABC’s salacious, bacchanal ten o’clock slot, and will feature clips from the original that were dubbed “too risqué for airing at 7 p.m. on Sunday” but are certainly less graphic than several things you’ve accidentally clicked on today. What a treat for anyone who’s been in a coma since the late ’90s, dreaming only of again hearing a goofy voice over video of a man getting hit in his testicles—or, rather, his FULLY EXPOSED testicles.

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