Brie Larson gets back to punching old women in the new Captain Marvel trailer

Assaulting the elderly on public transportation? An all-out race war? Rogue One‘s Ben Mendelsohn once again playing the biggest dick in space? It’s all here in the new trailer for Captain Marvel.

Marvel’s latest clean, palatable house wine of a superhero picture sees Brie Larson in the role of Carol Danvers. As a test pilot, she somehow ends up in the hands of an alien race called the Kree; the alien you’ll recognize as Annette Bening infuses Danvers with some of the Kree’s turquoise glitter paint blood, and it ends up turning her into the occasionally-mohawked superhero known as Captain Marvel. It also gets her involved with the Kree’s war against the Skrulls, a grosser-looking alien race (led by Mendelsohn) that can shape-shift into other forms—old white ladies included.

Teaming with Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury—convincingly de-aged to The Negotiator era for the ’90s-set film—an amnesiac Danvers comes to learn of her past as she tries to end the long-running war. She also sets up her place in Marvel’s nearly-as-long-running franchise, building up her appearance in the still-untitled Infinity War follow-up—and, most likely, a “Secret Invasion” adaptation for Phase Three, the Skrulls quietly replacing iconic heroes as the most on-the-nose metaphor for Marvel Studios’ ambitions.

Captain Marvel hits theaters March 8.

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