Bruce Willis will star in a MoviePass-produced thriller, so that all sounds promising

Both racing to bottom out their respective stocks, Bruce Willis and MoviePass have decided to get there in tandem. According to Deadline, MoviePass (currently trading below 7 cents on the NASDAQ market) and Willis (currently trading just above 50 Cent on the straight-to-video thriller market) have made a deal for the actor to headline the company’s first film, 10 Minutes Gone.

The film focuses on a man hit by a stray bullet in a bank heist gone wrong. The blow gives him a ten-minute gap in his memory, leaving him to sort out who betrayed him and took the money—all while being pursued by a crime boss looking for his own payout. In his typically lazy fashion, Willis will play not the lead but the comfortably-seated mobster. Brian A. Miller—director of such quickly-forgotten Willis trash as Reprisal, Vice, and The Prince—is helming from a script by Kelvin Mao and Jeff Jingle.

It seems increasingly unlikely you’ll actually be able to use a MoviePass to get into this thing.

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