Charismatic celebrity crooks do it again, now as women, in the ‘Ocean’s 8’ trailer

The Ocean’s trilogy of the ’00s is practically a Holy Trinity of lighthearted fluff, a breezy trio of portions perfectly sized for providing consistent but noncommittal entertainment through the entirety of a cross-country flight. This summer, get ready for another leg to be added to that completely enjoyable if unremarkable in-flight entertainment with Ocean’s 8, the spiritual successor that sees Danny Ocean’s sister expressing the same gender bias as her brother. Sandra Bullock stars as Debbie Ocean, an of course charismatic and nonviolent crook heading up a jewel heist (ladies love jewelry, you see) with Cate Blanchett, Sarah Paulson, Rihanna, Helena Bonham Carter, Mindy Kaling, and Awkwafina. From this first trailer, Anne Hathaway would seem to be their target—though given the actor’s poster placement and the fact that, you know, otherwise there are only seven people in the team, it would seem she’ll be recruited at some point or another.

While the cast is a pretty solid trade-off, the director isn’t quite so even: competent but not exactly exciting Hunger Games and Seabiscuit helmer Gary Ross has taken over this chapter; original trilogy director Steven Soderbergh is now merely a producer.

We’ll see whether this thing will one day keep us distracted from [L.A. to the Pacific Northwest]/[New York to the South] when Ocean’s 8 hits theaters June 8.

  • Jeffrey Simonson

    I read the Oceans 8 title and came straight here to say OH GEEZ they clearly made it 8 so they can do 9 & 10 as sequels…

    • That is almost undeniably correct. We will likely one day be able to watch heists for the whole flight back, too.

      • Jeffrey Simonson

        I really wish the originals had included a woman or two now so that nobody would have felt the need to do this all-fem cast.

        It feels as different and out of place as the soundtrack and a bunch of suburban moms pulling a hiest.

        • That’s what I got from this:
          “What if Oceans 11 was remade with Rihanna and a bunch of soccer moms? Eh? …….eh?”

  • jaime_arg

    Why does she need to be Danny’s sister and why did they kill off Danny? Just because George Clooney presumably doesn’t want to be in this? Or maybe he faked his death.

    Anyway, they could have made this trilogy a retro thing (so hot right now) so that they fit chronologically before Ocean’s 11. Kind of like the Star Wars prequels. It would feel better mathematically that way.

    • I wouldn’t doubt if Clooney shows up next to her and swigs the martini in that same scene in the Ocean’s mausoleum.