Chucky returns, and he wants Aubrey Plaza and son, in the Child’s Play trailer

Chucky’s back—and this time he’s got the sort of technological innards a modern 13-year-old who for some reason wants an interactive toddler effigy demands.

The first Child’s Play without creator Don Mancini’s involvement (don’t worry; he’s separately making a Child’s Play TV series), this reboot addresses a slightly more convincing threat than a doll possessed by the soul of a serial killer. Now Chucky is actually Buddi, a plastic moppet with an advanced AI, capable of learning and, presumably, entertaining lonely empty nesters. When a hacker hacks off Buddi’s restrictions on his intelligence and capacity for violence, the little ginger-bot descends into the familiar knife-wielding malevolence we’ve come to expect from tiny overalls-wearing horror.

Light’s Out teen Gabriel Bateman stars alongside Aubrey Plaza, finally fulfilling her retrospectively obvious destiny as a wide-eyed scream queen. The film was directed by Lars Klevberg, whose 2017 horror outing, Polaroid, still doesn’t have a definitive release date.

His Child’s Play reboot does have a release, though. It hits theaters June 21 as thematically apt counter-programming to Toy Story 4.

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