Clint Eastwood’s Richard Jewell movie has its star

Paul Walter Hauser has found his latest on-the-nose ’90s news story to become an after-the-fact part of. The Hollywood Reporter brings word that the I, Tonya standout is now set to play Richard Jewell in Clint Eastwood’s film about the Olympics bombing hero-turned-person-of-interest.

As detailed here by Norm Macdonald, Jewell both boiled and became a suspect of a bombing plot during Atlanta, Georgia’s 1996 Summer Olympics. A security guard for the event, he told police of a suspicious backpack and helped evacuate the area before, shortly after, becoming a suspect. News outlets essentially named him as the culprit before, a year later, the FBI declared him completely exonerated. Jewell got some payouts from news organizations but still, it was pretty fucked.

Hauser will presumably continue his string of portly ’90s icon roles to next play an adult Bulk in Power Rangers 2. Or at least he should, right?

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