Countenances to again be swapped for a Face/Off remake

The original, most exhilarating, bird-filled Nicolas Cage deepfake is getting a remake. Yes, Deadline reports that Paramount has started development on a re-imagining of John Woo’s 1997 wonderfully idiotic classic, Face/Off.

The original saw Nicolas Cage and John Travolta as a murderous psychopath and an FBI agent—respectively, sometimes. Thanks to medical science, they end up having their faces transplanted onto each other’s heads, and the two begin a action-filled game of trying to overact the other one.

There aren’t yet any actors committed to the impossible task of putting on the hammy faces of Cage and Travolta, but there is a writer on board for the script: The Cloverfield Paradox and Freaks of Nature scribe Oren Uziel, who last worked on Sonic the Hedgehog, will make this a continuation of his work in ungodly face replacement.

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