Damian Lewis will play Rob Ford, as only makes sense

With Chris Farley sadly not an option, the role of late Toronto mayor Rob Ford has gone to the next most obvious choice: Damian Lewis. According to a new interview in Kit Magazine, the Billions and Homeland star will play the drunken, crack-smoking mayor in a drama currently shooting in Ford’s home city. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed the report, adding, “the film is understood to follow a reporter (Ben Platt) who attempts to expose a scandal involving a politician who doesn’t play by the rules.” Following the lead of fellow faux leader Gary Oldman in The Darkest Hour, Lewis will be buried in a fat suit and prosthetics for the role. Like this guy is too good for drinking ice cream for months then losing all that weight again at a dangerous pace.

  • You could have Rob Fords actual corpse acting in this movie and it would creep me out less than Damian Lewis. Guy has resting “I’ll giggle while I eat your eyelids” face.

    • Yeah, I don’t like looking at him much, but I feared it was just ginger bias.

      • Nah, the red doesn’t help, but this guys got legitimate creep face.

        • HalSolo

          Both Lewis and Ford could play wonderful Harkonnens, respectively.

          • adam3w


  • deucepickle

    I think Chris Christie would nail this role.

  • jaime_arg

    “With Chris Farley sadly not an option,”

    Why even bring up his name, you soulless bastard

    • adam3w