David Gordon Green is ready to tackle the ’80s Gremlins knock-off genre

From The Sitter, Pineapple Express, Your Highness, and, most recently, the shockingly enjoyable new Halloween, director David Gordon Green has shown his reverent love for ’70s and ’80s genre flicks. No wonder, then, he also wouldn’t mind doing his own take on the Gremlins knock-off market.

In a recent Reddit Q&A, Green was asked what other horror genres he may want to take on. His response: “I’d like to make a little critters/ghoulies movies(sp).” For those unfamiliar, he was referencing the horror-comedies Critters and Ghoulies, two ’80s films about little alien creatures arriving from space and/or toilets. So, if you can imagine any such grossoid with the voice of frequent Green collaborator Danny McBride, yes, David Gordon Green definitely needs to do this.

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