Denis Villeneuve in Talks for Dune Remake

Early looks at Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner sequel may have proved shockingly resilient to the internet’s criticism, but already the director is looking forward to how he might yet piss off some nerds. According to Variety, the director is in early talks with Legendary Pictures to maybe this time get some dorks in a huff with a remake of the seminal sci-fi novel Dune.

The Frank Herbert classic was already once adapted for the big screen in 1984 with a David Lynch film that won more critics than fans. It also made it to the small screen in a Syfy original miniseries that was able to capture the broader scope of the book but suffered from being, you know, a Syfy original. It’s said that this latest attempt would try for the best of both worlds, using a film to introduce the world and a television series to venture further into it. It’s a clever approach that, given the proven-deft direction of Villeneuve, probably won’t even result in anyone in a comments page telling the director to stay out of Arrakis and go back to Quebec.

Should talks not work out, it’s thought that Villeneuve could instead maybe do a hack-job on a Babylon 5 movie. That might manage to finally tick off some dweebs.

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