Emma Stone and Jonah Hill get into some multi-reality brain-magic shit in the full Maniac trailer

A Superbad reunion across a three-day pharmaceutical drug trial, Maniac sees Jonah Hill and Emma Stone as a troubled pair testing out a treatment meant to cure whatever ails their minds. Also a darkly comic remake of a Norway’s Maniac, the limited series is also Cary Fukunaga’s return to directing every episode of a show—a cinematic trial that already proved quite successful with True Detective’s first season. While the first teaser didn’t reveal much, this full follow-up trailer adds quite a bit. Like Justin Theroux, who returns to his Mute combo of dated glasses and hair. And Sally Field. And how this thing is maybe EternaLegion of the Spotless Mind with a light dusting of 12 Monkeys and Inception? We’ll find out when it hits Netflix September 21.

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