Even for non-theatrical Lindsay Lohan werewolf movie, Among the Shadows looks outstandingly bad

Lindsay Lohan’s first film since 2013’s The Canyons is here. And it looks like an Underworld spinoff on the budget of a compact car. See for yourself with the new trailer for Among the Shadows.

Lohan, seemingly in a supporting role, plays a woman who hires private investigator Kristy Wolfe (Charlotte Beckett) to sniff out who’s trying to kill her husband. Also, her husband is THE PRESIDENT OF AN UNSPECIFIED COUNTRY. Also, Wolfe is secretly A WEREWOLF. And the men trying to kill the President are ALSO WEREWOLVES. And by werewolves, they mean JUST SOME SNARLING DUDES WITH GLOWING CG DOTS POORLY TRACKED ON THEIR EYEBALLS. And Lohan maybe goes to Hell at some point?

We’ll find out when Among the Shadows arrives, presumably on Syfy or something, March 5.

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