Experience evil incarnate and carnies in the final Stranger Things trailer

In the new season of Stranger Things, it’s Fun Fair time in Hawkins, Indiana, and it seems the small town is facing an invasion even worse than the carnies. You know that Mind Flayer fella Eleven vanquished back to his wretched dimension at the end of last season? Well, looks like maybe she shut him (and maybe some other awfuls) inside instead of out. Whoops!

But while Will—or at least the base of his neck—still seems to sense the presence that once possessed him, M. Flayer has a larger target in mind this time: unusually ripped 20-something high school bully Billy Hargrove. Also, there’s another freakish monster skulking around, and Steve and Dustin appear to have discovered The Secret of the Ooze.

Some Fun Fair this is turning out to be.

Stranger Things 3 hits Netflix July 4.

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