Final Fantasy is getting a live-action series

With Game of Thrones leaving television without any high-fantasy, dragon-filled bullshit, Sony Pictures Television is hoping to fill that void with some big, goofy-looking birds and cat people.

The studio has reportedly teamed with Square Enix and production company Hivemind (who already have swords and sorcery and video games on their docket with Netflix’s Witcher adaptation) for a live-action series based on the long-running Final Fantasy game franchise.

It’s said the show will feature an original story that takes place in Eorzea—the setting of the massively-multiplayer Final Fantasy XIV. (Unlike the last Final Fantasy adaptation, which featured Audis and smartwatches, this is a fairly traditional fantasy landscape.) Characters from across the franchise—including the stalwart Cid—are expected to appear alongside Final Fantasy icons like airships and chocobos. At last, an Ultros photorealistic enough to be sickened by! That’s prestige television.

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