Frankenstein cop procedural pilot ordered at clearly desperate CBS

At last, Frankenstein will also be an undead cop. TV Line is reporting that CBS has put in a pilot order for Frankenstein, a drama set to focus on “a San Francisco homicide detective … mysteriously brought back to life after being killed in the line of duty.” By Frankenstein. The doctor; not the classic monster/SFPD detective.

Yet, while the idea of a Frankenstein cop series may seem as ridiculous as a Dr. Acula hospital procedural, this isn’t even the first time the concept has been attempted.

Back in 2015, Fox attempted their own Frankenstein crime procedural—still absurdly not called “Frankencrime”—with The Frankenstein Code, a pilot saw Pacific Rim‘s Rob Kazinsky as a Frankenstein filled with the brain of murdered ex-cop Philip Baker Hall, who was on the hunt for his own killer. Like Frankenstein’s monster itself, this is something that just won’t stay dead. But maybe we can chase it away with enough torches and pitchforks?

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