Glenn Close deals with Jonathan Pryce’s B.S. in The Wife trailer

Seemingly custom designed to give Glenn Close her well-deserved seventh Oscar nod, The Wife sees the actress playing emotionally-abused spouse to an acclaimed author (Jonathan Pryce, making a lovely little comeback between Game of Thrones and The Man Who Killed Don Quixote). As her husband is receiving his Nobel Prize for Literature, and she’s being interviewed by a journalist (Christian Slater, himself making a bit of a comeback), Close’s devoted wife finds herself at a breaking point—and, per the official summary, confronting the “secret of his career.” This trailer seems to suggest it could be a Big Eyes scenario, but we’ll have to wait to find out all the ways this rare non-Leslie-Mann wife was wronged until the film hits theaters August 3.

  • jaime_arg

    I’m convinced Slater is coming back thanks to Archer.

    • adam3w

      You know what? I went to imdb to see which came first, Archer or Mr. Robot (since I assumed the latter was behind his resurgence), and it turns out this dude has worked very consistently for the last three decades plus. Sometimes it’s voice work, and sometimes he’s appearing as himself, but it looks like we can’t call it a comeback—he’s been here for years.

      • adam3w

        And just to confirm your point, his appearance on Archer did come before Mr. Robot.