Hello Kitty is getting a movie, so we can finally see how grossly realistic she can be rendered

Apparently taking the first images of our grotesque new Sonic the Hedgehog as a challenge, New Line Cinema is ready to see what kind of monstrosity they can make out of Hello Kitty. The Warner Bros. label has reportedly made a deal with Japan’s Sanrio to develop the dead-eyed cat’s first English-language film.

While it’s not yet clear whether the film will be done in animation or live-action nightmare mode, there’s apparently room for this to become a full-on Hello Kitty Cinematic Universe: it’s said other Sanrio characters “Gudetama, My Melody and Little Twin Stars, among others” are part of the deal.

Here’s rooting for TV-VCR friend and contributor Manolo to finally get that Gudetama voice-acting job…

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