Henry Cavill isn’t Superman anymore

No longer must Henry Cavill worry about filling out his grippy rubber bodysuit. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cavill is done playing Superman, Warner Bros. dropping him from the role after what sounds like the lamest dispute: over a Shazam! cameo. With Cavill unable to come to an agreement on this very stupid matter, it’s said the studio is more committed than ever to dropping his Superman in favor of another Kryptonian: the Supergirl they announced last month.

The news follows several other dropped cast members in Warner’s superhero catalogue, with Alec Baldwin quickly leaving Joker and Ben Affleck long rumored to be departing his Batman role for at least rehab if not something better. Though, if Justice League is any indication, Cavill may just abruptly return with little to no fanfare and only an off-putting grimace-grin!

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