Henry Golding to play Snake Eyes in a G.I. Joe spin-off

In what’s turning out to be a weirdly active week for G.I. Joe spin-off films and Henry Golding playing a cool guy, now the two have converged is news that the Golding will plays Snake Eyes in that dude’s G.I. Joe spin-off film.

It’s a big leap for both the 32-year-old, whose first acting role in anything was Crazy Rich Asians, and for Snake Eyes, who has previously been depicted as a horribly scarred blonde man. But at the same time, while it’s certainly a tentpole-level breakthrough for Golding, it’s unclear just how much of a gift the role would be: canonically, Snake Eyes constantly has his face covered and never speaks. That’s why martial artist Ray Park, who also flipped around and never got to speak as Darth Maul, was cast as Mr. Eyes for 2009’s G.I. Joe.

And since it wouldn’t make sense to hire Golding to cover his pretty-man face the entire time, it would suggest we’re getting a younger (but, weirdly, not all that young) take on the character before he decided to put on a mask. And certainly long before that time in the ’90s he got weirdly into being the most fabulous paintball bro.

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