Hulu’s ‘Future Man’ trailer is the ‘Last Starfighter’/’Terminator’/’Back to the Future’ mashup series you’ve maybe been waiting for

The Last Starfighter—proud dad to a Futurama episode, embarrassed father of Pixels, and possible parent to a series that, in all honestly, will probably miscarry—has sired yet another project about video game skills actually proving good for something. It’s Future Man, a Hulu series that calls out its Last Starfighter lineage while borrowing just as much from the likes of Terminator and Back to the Future. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg executive produce the sci-fi action-comedy. Hunger Games‘s Josh Hutcherson, recently welcomed into the Apatow Freaks & Geeks fold with The Disaster Artist, stars as a laboratory janitor whose gaming skills have made him an asset to fight a future war; as it turns out, his unfortunate career also makes him apt, as the Skynet of this future issomehow rooted in his boss (Keith David) creating a herpes cure. And it looks pretty decent. At least as far as Abreva propaganda goes.

All episodes of Future Man arrive November 14.

  • jaime_arg

    There sure are a lot of references to past media for a show called Future Man.

    • HalSolo

      Between this, Stranger Things, It and Ready Player One, nostalgia IS our Future, man.

      • Jolie Rogers

        Ready Player One’s scribe’s second novel was a Last Starfighter riff, so maybe we get that to look forward to as well.

        • HalSolo

          OR we just dodged that bullet with this? Cuz I heard ARMADA was pretty awful…

          • Jolie Rogers

            It’s more like we dodged a spitball. Armada was nearer to forgettable than awful. All of the meta-ness that worked in RP1 was there, but somehow it felt like it brought nothing new to the table. Kind of like a mediocre film reboot.

  • adam3w

    This is my jam.