Is Blumhouse making a Magic 8-Ball movie? Signs point to yes

The Magic 8-Ball, the only toy to combine mystical prognostication and novelty billiards into the form factor of an infant’s head, is headed to the big screen.

According to Deadline, Truth or Dare director Jeff Wadlow is returning to Blumhouse Productions for a movie that will finally get to the bottom of whatever that bluish fluid is. The project is in collaboration with Magic 8-Ball owners Mattel, the company already developing films based on their Masters of the Universe, Hot Wheels, View-Master, Barbie, and American Girl properties.

If the outcome seems familiar, it’s because Paramount already gave this a shake nearly a decade ago, only to learn that the outlook was not so good.

Blumhouse, known for producing profitable horror-thrillers on slim budgets, should have an easier time getting their take to screens. Let’s just hope it’s not at the expense of the fantastical visuals one expects from a movie about a dated hunk of plastic with a 20-sided die drowning inside it.

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