It’s fast, furious science fiction in the final Hobbs & Shaw trailer

Opening with the words “FAST & FURIOUS presents” plastered across the screen, this final trailer for Hobbs & Shaw is here to set the record straight: despite every appearance otherwise, this thing is not another G.I. Joe movie.

That said, it does mark a new height of departure from the franchise’s humble beginnings as Point Break with cars. While each chapter has more and more likely to throw physics out the window—sometimes as literally driving a car out a window—this spin-off goes a step further to not just defy science but invent some too. Hobbs & Shaw sees Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham’s titular duo face off against Idris Elba’s Brixton Lore(!!!), a “cyber-genetically enhanced anarchist” who’s super strong and seemingly invulnerable. He also has an insane, futuristic bike seemingly designed specifically for a single crazy stunt.

If Vin Diesel is going to keep up with these guys, he’s going to have to beat the shit out of an alien or something.

Hobbs & Shaw vs. The Invisible Cyberman hits theaters August 2.

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