It’s the most dangerous game of hide-and-seek in the Ready or Not trailer

Combining You’re Next and Operation: Endgame with a splash of Get Out, Ready or Not appears to be an affluent-family-with-a-secret murderous free-for-all of a violently dark action-comedy. The Babysitter and Bill & Ted Face the Music’s Samara Weaving (aka Margot Upton) stars as a young bride who’s just married into some kind of Milton/Bradley-esque board game empire. On her wedding night, she’s told that their idea of consummation is playing hide-and-seek—THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME of hide & seek, that is. Which is to say, she has to survive until dawn while her new in-laws (Andie MacDowell and Adam Brody among them) try to murder her.

The movie Meet the Fockers should have been hits theaters August 23.

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