Ivan Drago & Son are here to fight in the new Creed II trailer

In Creed II, Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis Creed is facing off against his greatest foe yet: HIS OWN FOOLISH PRIDE! Also, an absolutely enormous Russian man who wants to punch him to death. So maybe that’s actually his greatest foe.

Either way, the sequel continues to make the Rocky universe a strangely insular one, where your daddy determines whether or not you gain entrance to this elitist boxing ring. This time, Apollo Creed’s son is set to face off against the son of Ivan Drago—the Russian boxer who killed Apollo back in Rocky IV. Is Adonis doomed to suffer his father’s fate at the hands of another outrageously oversized opponent? Or will he turn the tables thanks to his training in a post-apocalyptic wasteland? Because that also appears to happen.

We’ll find out when Creed II hits theaters November 21.

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