J.J. Abrams takes his (probably Cloverfield-related) sci-fi-horror to WWII with the Overlord trailer

Is Overlord the latest addition to the loosely-connected Cloverfield series? J.J. Abrams has claimed it’s not, but he swore Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t playing Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness too, so who’s going to trust that cagey em-effer? Either way, here’s a look at it with the first trailer.

Based on an idea from Abrams—though not exactly dissimilar to a Wolfenstein game, either—the film sees a group of World War II paratroopers stuck behind enemy lines, where they discover that the Germans are doing some sort of supernatural blood injections (maybe?). We’ll find out whether these guys end up being in the Cloverfield Division or what when Overlord hits theaters November 9.

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