Jeff Daniels heads west again in Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Godless’ teaser

Harry Dunne is once again on a westward journey that sees him betrayed by his younger friend. Have a look with the first teaser for Godless, a new Netflix original created by Steven Soderbergh and Scott Frank (A Walk Among the Tombstones, Logan). Set in the 1880s, the limited series sees Jeff Daniels as an infamous criminal out for revenge against a former protégé (Jack O’Connell) that turned against his outlaw gang. That backstabbing protégé? Yes, as implied by the title, none other than RICHARD DAWKINS. See for yourself when Godless arrives November 22.

  • Davey

    I don’t want to be a curmudgeon but those CGI “fires” at 00:34… Yikes. I don’t know why, but cheap production on a Western wears way worse than in other genres, even sci-fi somehow. Maybe it seems extra cruddy because the subject matter should demand realism?