Kelsey Grammer teases Frasier multiverse

Imagine a dimension wherein six Frasiers exist at once. Perhaps a Frasier whose face is literally made of scrambled eggs. Black Frasier. Frasier with Niles’s head beside his own. Frasier’s mind in Eddie’s body. Frasier still in his X-Men 3 Beast makeup. Normal Frasier.

Well, welcome to the Frasier-verse, because that dimension is our own!

Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine, Kelsey Grammer has confirmed last year’s rumors that he was taking pitches on a Frasier reboot. Speaking of being sighted with a package discreetly labeled “FRASIER,” he said, “That little folder is filled with six different ideas that are all kind of in contention right now for what may be a new Frasier.

“They’re similar, but it’s a new life, a new city—that kind of thing is where we’re headed.”

Sadly, it seems unlikely these six individual Frasiers shall ever meet in a single series, nor appear as a multi-headed Frasier hydra that can barely cram himself behind his recording desk.

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