‘The Last Jedi’ Trailer Has Got More Than a Little ‘Force Awakens’ in It

If the first Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer felt strangely familiar, it was more than just seeing an iconic face beneath the grizzled beard. Just as The Force Awakens echoed quite a bit of A New Hope, this new trailer echoed previews for The Force Awakens. Sudden, sweaty gasping, several silhouetted backs, and busted up black helmets are just a few of the parallels, and you can see some more in the above video, which compares the new Last Jedi trailer with a re-edit of some bits from Force Awakens trailers. It’s almost like there could be some sort of recurring themes across these “Star” “Wars”… but nah.

  • HalSolo

    That LUCASFILM logo and THIS CHRISTMAS graphics look EXACTLY the same!

    But that main title is red. No confusing it for yellow.