Leonardo DiCaprio and Andy Muschietti are remaking The Time Machine

After years of warning us about global warming, Leonardo DiCaprio is ready to tell us about a different nightmare future we’re on a path toward. DiCaprio and his Appian Way production banner are reportedly developing a new adaptation of the 1895 H. G. Wells classic The Time Machine. Though It‘s Andy Muschietti only days ago signed on to helm Attack on Titan, he’s added this to his directing schedule too.

The story involves a time traveler who travels to the distant future, where the growing class divide has led to the evolution of two distinct post-human races: the ineffectual, idle Eloi and the freakish, subterranean Morlocks. It’s already been brought to the big screen a couple times before, last in 2002 as a pretty awful version starring Guy Pearce. But it’s easy to see how its lesson of a humanity divided economically and socially is relevant today, when starting a new society underground is honestly starting to sound like an alright plan.

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