Leslie Jones leaving SNL to pursue other opportunities in supermarket aisles

Leslie Jones is leaving SNL to pursue the wealth five frozen turkeys tossed in a shopping cart.

According to Variety, Jones won’t be returning to the sketch show this season, and is instead “set to explore film projects and has a Netflix comedy special scheduled.”

But that’s kind of burying the lede: what she also already has scheduled is a relaunch of Supermarket Sweep.

Deadline reports that Jones is attached to executive produce and host a new version of the grocery store game show. While the series was last on PAX in the early ’00s, and before that on Lifetime from 1990 to 1995, for some reason now it’s being considered a hot commodity. It’s said multiple networks are bidding on the reboot—ABC, NBC, Fox and Netflix among them.

So remember: the next time you’re at a checkout counter and you hear that beep [beep, beep], think how painfully misguided it is to be in a bidding war for Supermarket Sweep!

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