Have a look at Sacha Baron Cohen’s new series, in which Dick Cheney too-eagerly signs a waterboard kit

Though it’s rumored to be an interview series in the vein of Da Ali G Show, little is known about Sacha Baron Cohen’s secret Showtime project. On July 4, Cohen made a Twitter post that teased a possible takedown of Trump and his highly suspect university, but it seems that’s not the only reprehensible White House employee he has in his sights: last night, Cohen posted the series’ first clip, in which Dick Cheney autographs a waterboarding kit, a grin crawling across his face as the former V.P. fondly remembers all the wet and wild waterboards of his sexagenarian youth. Cohen has finally topped the deep evilness of giving us a decade of “my wife!” quotes. We’ll see what else he’s done when whatever his series is called hits Showtime July 15.

UPDATE: The series is likely titled Who Is America?

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