Have a Look at The Tick’s Slick New Costume

As seen in the Tick pilot Amazon released last August, Peter Serafinowicz’s costume as the titular hero was, for lack of a better description, a store-bought version of H.R. Giger’s Tick. It had a gross texture, looked like it immediately reeked of sweat, and you could see every seam, headpiece to codpiece. Here’s a reminder:

But pilots are meant to be test vehicles, and a lot can change from pilot to production. So, with Amazon officially ordering a full season of The Tick, the production has tweeted a photo revealing they new suit they’ve crammed Serafinowicz into.

As you can see, now it’s been updated with a sleeker texture that looks less obviously sticky to the touch. While Patrick Warburton’s original live-action Tick had organic human muscle, and Serafinowicz’s original costume had organic bug-like muscle, this goes for slightly more of that armored musculature we’ve seen stretched over so many a Batman. And they still aren’t really doing much to hide that ol’ codpiece seam, huh? What we’ve gained in comic book-authentic mask design we’ve lost in being able to again pretend Tick doesn’t now and again open up his crotch flap to pee.

  • Krespie

    The new costume looks good but will the writing continue to be painful, tedious stuff? That pilot was awful.

    • It wasn’t great. But it had some promise–and though he lacks Warburton’s innate physicality, Serafinowicz hits something closer to the ideal Tick persona, I maintain. I think it’s worth giving another shot. A lot of pilots and even entire first seasons have a hard time finding the voice, and at least this has some solid talent behind it.

      • HalSolo

        Agreed – my concerns with the pilot never involved any scene where Peter S was on screen.
        I’m still willing to put money down that when Barry “The Tick” eventually shows up, its going to be Warburton playing that role.

  • Kaizer Chief

    The final boss in this movie should be a guy wielding a pair of tweezers and a rag with a bit of turpentine on it…

    • HalSolo

      If there’s a franchise with room for Jackie Earl Haley to do exactly that as The Terror, it’s The Tick.

  • Much better. The suit in the pilot was really off-putting. Reminded me of the creepy alien musculature of the Gyver.