Mackenzie Davis will be your new Terminator heroine

Blade Runner 2049‘s Mackenzie Davis will once again reinvent the future robot-people we devised in the ’80s. According to Variety, Davis is in talks to star alongside Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger in a new Terminator reboot.

Just as fans already have, the film completely dismisses 2015’s Terminator Genisys—and several other widely-disregarded Terminator sequels, for that matter. It’s said to be a direct sequel to Terminator 2, and the first film since to be based on a story from creator James Cameron. Cameron is also producing, but it’s Deadpool director Tim Miller who will this time be behind the camera (he does have experience working with hulking, nigh-invincible metal men).

Meta-beholden to its conceit of slicker-looking but varyingly-unsuccessful revisions, the Terminator franchise will once again arrive in theaters July 26, 2019.

  • NC2222

    Edwina Furlong? Who is she John Connor’s sister? I’m trying to figure out how they sequel T2? Does T-1000 come back as Davis?

    Maybe T-1000 uses Davis’ character to digi-hump Furlong’s Connor, a la Joi/Mariette in BR2049….

    T-1000 comes back, seduces Connor in the form of Davis…

    T-800 Lightning balls into Connor’s teenage bedroom (nude!), stands up and shotgun blasts T-1000’s head in half just as Connor orgasms. Furlong whines “Pinche puto! I like to look into their eyes when I come! BOTH of her eyes… at the same time!” (cuts to T-1000’s head split in half, wobbling with eyes looking two different directions.)

    T-800: “Hasta La Vista pinche puto” as he continues his advanced model upgrade of repeating crappy latino phrases.

  • Goddamn, that is the least flattering picture of this girl.