Mads Mikkelsen gets his John Wick with the Polar trailer

Wick has taken Taken’s spot as most oft-imitated action vehicle format, a rotating cast of new, aging-but-still-hot actors filling the role of unbelievably awesome assassin. But as far as the genre goes, you could do a lot worse than giving an eyepatch-wearing Mads Mikkelsen a turn.

Such is the case with Polar, Madonna: Ray of Light director Jonas Åkerlund’s follow-up to Lords of Chaos. Mikkelsen stars as Duncan Vizla, aka The Black Kaiser, a noted hitman trying to retire but yada, yada, yada—you get the idea. Vanessa Hudgens plays his neighbor, who is essentially the killed dog in this Wick-ian scenario. Katheryn Winnick and Matt Lucas co-star.

Our most Scandinavian of John Wicks hits Netflix January 25.

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