Maggie Gyllenhaal lives vicariously through a five-year-old in the creepy Kindergarten Teacher trailer

It looks like Kindergarten Cop finally has a superior as a sub-grade-school thriller. Have a look with this first, fairly trailer for The Kindergarten Teacher.

The sophomore effort of Little Accidents writer-director Sara Colangelo, the film sees Maggie Gyllenhaal in the title role as a would-be poet who thinks she recognizes a raw talent in one of her students. The kid’s parents have no interest in fostering his apparent talent, so Gyllenhaal takes it upon herself to Matilda this thing, sneaking the kid away to readings and pushing his work onto publishers. It’s the sort of “teacher is the only one who cares” story that so often ends up heartwarming, but Colangelo flips the script here to instead lean into how creepy it is that a teacher would care to the point of kidnapping. Shame that, compared to the real-life stories that have turned up in the news, this “pretty teacher and her much younger student” tale’s creepiness is probably only a 5/10.

The Kindergarten Teacher arrives on Netflix October 12.

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