Margot Robbie is a stripping, bloodthirsty waitress in the new Terminal trailer

Following a cryptic teaser last week, Terminal now has a full trailer revealing, well, not a heck of a lot more. It’s maybe a British gangster comedy that’s been drowned in neon party lights? Whatever it is, it’s got Margot Robbie as a stripping, bloodthirsty waitress, a bearded Simon Pegg, and a typically unrecognizable Mike Myers. The feature writing-directing debut of Vaughn Stein, Terminal hits theaters May 11.

  • adam3w

    If I had a dollar for every time a critic is going to refer to this film as “neon-drenched,” I’d have a lot of dollars.

    • I didn’t QUITE say that. So how about “dipped in Dick Tracy”?

      • adam3w

        Not a knock against you—”drowned in neon party lights” was actually a refreshing change from the usual familar phrasing. Although “dipped in Dick Tracy” is definitely a description I can get behind.