Marvel is planning some big-budget efforts—like a Loki spin-off series—for Disney’s streaming service

Disney is getting serious about beating those Netflix bastards at their own game. With a streaming service being prepped for a launch next year, already the company has suggested they’ll be undercutting Netflix on price. And it seems now they’re also planning to one-up them in the Marvel original series department.

According to Variety, Disney is planning to bring their Marvel Cinematic Universe big-screen characters to the small screen in limited series. Loki and Scarlet Witch projects are two of the first said to be in development—and, yes, Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen would, respectively, star. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, who’s until now left Marvel’s TV division to its own devices, is said to be taking a hands-on role in shepherding these closer-to-home ventures. These series are far from the poorly-lit streets of Netflix’s Marvel offerings; with budgets expected to rival major studio productions, these are some proper MCU entries that, dammit, now you’re going to have to subscribe to watch so you’re caught up on all this crap. But at least now you won’t feel as bad about shelling out another ten bucks a month just to watch another drawn-out Star Wars entry.

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