Mary Poppins returns in the trailer for, well, Mary Poppins Returns

Over 50 years now since Julie Andrews iconically played the part, cinema’s most horrifically god-like au pair is heading back to the big screen with Mary Poppins Returns. Here’s the first teaser for the sequel-cum-reboot, which sees Emily Blunt take over the title role and Lin-Manuel Miranda play her Dick Van Dyke-style blue collar friend. Take a look above to gaze upon Mary’s nightmarish ability to separate from her own reflection. The rest of her terrifying powers will be unveiled when Mary Poppins Returns hits theaters this Christmas.

  • adam3w

    I re-watched the original when I was in college and was struck by how subversive it was—the old bankers are portrayed as greedy villians and there’s an entire song about giving to the poor/homeless. If the sequel follows these themes even slightly, we can probably expect it to be castigated by conservatives as peddling a left-wing agenda.
    Although my expectation is that this movie will avoid even the hint of politics… Or any thematic depth at all.