Mel Gibson, Shia LaBeouf to co-star in what’s apparently not jail

Get ready for the first film to hit the drunk tank before the theater! Mel Gibson and Shia LeBeouf are set to star in Rothchild, a film that it’s already hard not to be angry about.

The dark comedy would reportedly focus on LaBeouf’s Becket Rothchild, “the bastard child of a mother, who in eloping with a jazz musician was cast out from the Rothchild family and its vast fortune.” Gibson would play his “sinister grandfather,” Whitelaw, one of the nine relatives standing between Becket and his big family payday.

Filth and Stan & Ollie’s Jon S. Baird is directing, and Mel Gibson is a racist monster who should be as afraid to visit a TGI Friday’s as he is to star in a fucking feature film, but apparently it’s all fine.

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