MGM hoping stay-at-home dads still funny enough for Mr. Mom: The Series

A father staying home to take care of the kids, while the mother has a career to take care of their expenses? Thirty-five years ago, when the Michael Keaton comedy Mr. Mom hit theaters, it was the stuff of mildly offensive fiction. But look how far we’ve come! It’s 2018, and stay-at-home dads are more than a reality: they’re also the stuff of now blatantly offensive fiction, because we’re getting a Mr. Mom series.

Building layer upon layer of pointlessness, the redundant series will needlessly built upon existing Mr. Mom canon. (Good news, Mr. Mom fanatics!) This will be a sequel series that focuses on the original Mr. and Mrs. Mom’s now-grown daughter, who finds that a husband staying home to tend the kids while the wife returns to work is a perfectly acceptable situation in the modern era still hilarious, apparently. Howsa man supposed to bathe his kids with all that raging testosterone and sports!?

To bring their outmoded project to screens, MGM is reportedly partnering with Walmart’s Vudu streaming service. Presumably because Amazon already covered this side-splitting subject:

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