‘Murphy Brown’ is also getting dragged back to television

Joining the likes of Roseanne, Mad About You, Will & Grace, Full House, and Coach (well, almost), Murphy Brown is being forcefully dug up from beneath the tombstone of its scarcely touched DVD sets. CBS has officially given a 13-episode order to a follow-up series that will resurrect the award-winning ’80s/’90s sitcom. Candice Bergen, who won five Emmys and two Golden Globes in her ten years playing the title role, is attached to return, as is series creator Diane English.

Shockingly, there are still no plans to find out whether Major Dad ever made colonel, and Mr. Cooper has not yet been asked to hang.

  • jaime_arg

    Mad About You is getting rebooted? I actually liked that show (sue me), specially the intro theme.

    • A few days ago, Paul Reiser was stressing that it’s just being talked about, but Deadline reported it fairly firmly a month ago. So while the details are still being hammered out, it seems it.

  • scott19

    It is going to be hard for Miles to be a young, green, and in-over-his head news executive producer when he’s 60, but good writing can solve all issues.

    Like a house that hasn’t been finished being painted because the painter died of a drug overdose a couple decades ago. The remaining drop cloths serve as an appropriate memorial.

  • scott19

    I’m guessing that Murphy Brown will be in her “hosting The View” phase of her career.

  • P.T. Internet

    Murphy Brown was great and was in many ways a show that commented on its era. It would be interesting to see if they actually tackled the changing landscape of news and politics, but I suspect it will just be another nostalgia cash grab. And, worse, a CBS sitcom!